Learn to Ski & Snowboard


Humans Were Never Meant to Hibernate!

It's never too late to start your Winter Adventure and a World of Winter Fun!


If you want to learn how to ski or snowboard then take lessons from a professional instructor.

It's summer now and ski/snowboard venues all over the U.S. have some great activities to offer. Use our locator map to find a location near you.  

Find a Resort lists venues. Find Gear lists retail locations.

We'll soon be gearing up for fun on the snow next winter. Thanks to all who took the Bring a Friend Challenge last winter and/or entered #firstdayfaces!

And, we have "something exciting" planned. 


Our 2015 Snow Sports Ambassador of the Year - Cindy Rust

Our #firstdayfaces winner - Jackie Engvaldsen 

Check out: 

Our @learn2skiboard Twitter feed and our Facebook page!

Visit SnoCountry for the latest on who has snow and Snowlink


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