2016 Ski Ambassador of the Year – Dr. Ari Gutman



Dr. Gutman took his two sons, ages 14 and 13, to Spring Mountain (PA) for lessons and he has some advice for newcomers.

“Start slowly, take lessons, and learn good techniques that will stick with you,” he says. “Also, ski / learn with someone else”.


As Gutman says, skiing has the potential to be a lifelong sport. “It is important for my sons to enjoy it from the beginning, which I think can best be accomplished through lessons. Ski lessons provide a patient, supportive, non-judgmental and fun environment within which they can learn and grow,” he says. “Having them learn in the "wrong" setting (i.e., outside of ski lessons), could be a set up for disappointment and frustration on their part, making them give up on skiing early on, before even giving it a real try”.

And why does Dr. Gutman himself like to ski?

“Skiing is an amazingly flexible sport that can be done alone, with one friend, with family, or even a large group,” he says. “It's great being up in the mountains - it's an amazing environment that relaxes me and serves as an escape”.

Dr Gutman won some great prizes from Head/Tyrolia and The North Face as a "Thank You" for being such a good motivator. 







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