Get Outfitted

Getting into skiing just got a whole lot cheaper and super convenient.

resize img custom GTO Logo BL solid TaglineIf you're just getting into skiing and snowboarding you may not have all of the apparel that you need. GetOutfitted is a service that makes it easy to rent your full outfit online and have it delivered to your door or hotel room. For $30 a day or less you can have a jacket, pants, gloves, and goggles in this years latest styles. GetOutfitted has sizes for teens all the way down to toddlers as well, and those outfits are less than $20 a day. When your done just seal everything up in the bag that comes with a prepaid label and drop it off at any mailbox or the front desk. Of course, once you're hooked check out a snow sports retailer in your community or nearby ski/snowboard area for purchase options on clothing and accessories that you want to hold onto. 

Make sure to try GetOutfitted this season and use the discount code [LEARN2SKI or BRINGAFRIEND] for a 20% off discount!"

Codes you can use: LEARN2SKI or BRINGAFRIEND