Take Lessons from a Pro

Forget about taking skiing or snowboarding lessons from friends or spouses. GO WITH a PRO!

partner_AASILessons from a professional instructor mean learning from those who know state-of-the-art techniques. They can provide a myriad of "insider" tips. 



Start with your goals. Are you a newcomer just learning the basics or someone wanting to improve your skills? Professional instructors identify with what beginners experience. They understand what those who want to improve. They will make you feel at ease.



Newcomers and experienced enthusiasts generally learn faster by seeking out a pro who knows the ins and outs of instruction. Professionals can quickly analyze your needs. 


Feeling comfortable is key regardless of ability or age. Do you prefer a two - hour lesson, a half day or a whole day program? Do you like "mixed company" or prefer gender specific classes? Want a private lesson or is a group fine? Most Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month programs are for groups of varying sizes. Are kids involved? Some resorts offer lessons starting at age three.

Many learning programs have instructors who speak different languages. Inquire if English is not your strong suit.

Use this site to help you find a program that suits your needs. Programs vary.

DSC01586As you improve, you will want to seek out equipment,·clothing and accessories at a·snow sports retail specialty shop. Check out the Find Gear tab of this site. 

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