What is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month (LSSM)?


Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month in January encourages children and adults to learn by taking lessons from professional instructors. It also challenges current skiers and snowboarders to improve their skills through lessons. Ski and snowboard areas offer lesson programs all winter but LSSM special offers take place in January. This web site and partners' sires offer useful information for beginners and current participants who want to improve.

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LSSM makes it easy for children and adults to find venues and learning programs that best suit them. Skiing and snowboarding are lifetime sports. Starting out smart – taking lessons, dressing to stay warm and fueling the body with sensible foods – is the first step. Current skiers and snowboarders can increase their expertise with advanced lessons and brushing up on "best practices".

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dsc02449_smallLSSM began in 2009, in a handful of states, when about 20,000 children and adults took lessons through the initiative. Now more than 300 resorts in 33 states offer special learning programs during January. More than 153,000 took lessons last January. Some states also offer learning programs for cross country skiing and snowshoeing as part of the initiative. 


Partners are ski and snowboard industry national, regional and state associations, the industry trade media, retailers, rep and retail organizations, product suppliers·and individual resorts or companies that service the industry. Partners are featured throughout this website and on bringafriend.org.


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